Szekely Law is an Immigration Lawyer helping clients find the most appropriate pathway to start a new life in Canada.

The Canadian immigration system is a complex area, in which laws, policies, and application forms change frequently and, at times, with little notice.  While you technically do not need an immigration lawyer to make any immigration application, it is not easy to efficiently navigate through the Canadian immigration process, and a single error or omission can result in a rejection of an application.  Having an experienced lawyer guide you through your immigration process can make a substantial difference in terms of success and timeliness. By consulting and working with a skilled immigration lawyer, you will have the opportunity to benefit from legal guidance and representation to be placed in the best position to achieve your goals. We have the knowledge, experience, and resources to accurately evaluate your immigration issue and to determine how to effectively represent your interests.

Szekely Law – Edmonton Immigration Lawyer can help individuals who are caught up in removal proceedings, an employer who wishes to hire the perfect candidate from overseas, or citizens or permanent residents wishing for their spouse or common-law partner to join them from abroad. Szekely Law will represent clients in the full spectrum of immigration cases, including:

➢ Study permit applications

➢ Work permit applications

➢ Temporary resident visa applications (Visitor’s visa applications)

➢ Family-sponsored immigration:

    • In-Canada spousal/common-law sponsorship
    • Outside of Canada spousal/common-law sponsorship
    • Sponsoring dependent children

➢ Express entry category (Economic stream):

    • Canadian experience class application
    • Federal skilled worker application
    • Federal skilled trades application
    • Caring for children pathway
    • Caring for people with high medical needs pathway

➢ Alberta provincial nominee program (AINP) and other PNPs

➢ Business-related immigration issues:

    • LMIA application
    • LMIA-based work permit application
    • LMIA-exempt work permit application
    • Transfers to Canada under NAFTA, CCFTA, and GATS

➢ Immigration division hearing

➢ Immigration appeal

➢ Detention review hearing

➢ Citizenship